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Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

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Working Together in Perfect Harmony: Digital Advertising + Content Marketing
01/17/2017 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
Content marketing has emerged as an incredibly effective way to arm consumers with the information they seek and need, increase brand awareness, enha...
How the World’s Best Journalists Bring Interviews to Life
01/17/2017 Content Marketing Institute
Interviewing people who offer unique perspectives on your topic or industry can set your brand’s content apart from competitors’. Mastering this skil...
5 Email Marketing Platforms for the Modern Marketer
01/16/2017 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
Email marketing has stood the test of time. The first email marketing campaign was sent in the 1970’s and the early 1990’s saw the first mobile email...
How to Create Super Shareable Video Content
01/16/2017 Content Marketing Institute
Videos are more likely to be viewed than other content format. While luck sometimes decides which videos go viral, you can do things to get luck on y...
8+ Tools to Find Related Keywords for Your Content
01/15/2017 Content Marketing Institute
Integrating SEO with your content is essential to writing smart copy that attracts more eyeballs. Before you craft your content, look at terms relate...
Why it takes years to save for a down payment
01/13/2017 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Coming up with a 20% down payment for a median-price home costs buyers two-thirds of their annual income, according to a new Zillow report.
Online Marketing News: Search Ranking Factors, 2017 Digital Trends & New Mid-Roll Ads
01/13/2017 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
The Most Important Google Search Rank Factors [Infographic] Search rankings are a key consideration for many aspects of a digital marke...
It Pays to Get to Know Your Superconsumers
01/11/2017 by Catharine P. Taylor strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
In Superconsumers, Eddie Yoon introduces us to customers who are obsessed with products; they don't just provide valuable insight, they are also condu...
How Howard Schultz's Angel Poised Starbucks for Success
01/10/2017 by Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O'Connell strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Few have resolved the tension between identity and growth as masterfully as the coffee chain's CEO.
Government-backed mortgages are about to get cheaper
01/09/2017 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
The Federal Housing Administration will reduce the annual mortgage insurance premiums borrowers pay when taking out a low down payment home loan that ...
Virtual Reality's Uncertain Picture
12/20/2016 by Daniel Eckert and Matthew Lieberman strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
The growing array of immersive entertainment experiences carries unforeseen implications for content owners and creators.
Productise for Business, Profit and Productivity
12/09/2016 Chris Garrett on New Media
Consulting and coaching businesses are great because you get a deep connection with your customers, their problems and goals, plus you can start quick...
10 Months to 10,000 Page Views Per Month
11/30/2016 Chris Garrett on New Media
How long does it take a new site, in a new niche to get to 10,000 monthly page views? Turns out it can take 10 months, without taking much of your tim...
Home Equity Wealth Makes a Comeback
11/17/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
Home prices have risen significantly throughout the nation since the trough in the housing cycle.  Through August 2016, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller...
A Walk Down Memory Lane: Thoughts on HPIs and Financial Indexes as The Dow Celebrates Its 120th Birthday
09/26/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
On May 26th, 2016, the granddaddy of all equity indexes—the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)—turned 120.  The 30 blue-chip companies that comprise ...
B2B Content Marketing Needed to Support Account-Based Marketing
09/12/2016 Social Media B2B
Marketing for B2B companies always seems to go through cycles where there is a trend that takes over everyone’s life for a while, until it is replaced...
Party like its 2007
07/22/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
House sales and prices are rising.  Home sales in June were 5.57 million at annual rates, the highest since February 2007 when national home prices pe...
Pondering Snapchat As The Next Place to Be for B2B
07/07/2016 Social Media B2B
I started thinking about this post, or pondering Snapchat for B2B as I said in the headline, about six months ago when I saw an article by Gary Vayner...
5 Ways to Get Started in B2B Content Marketing
06/20/2016 Social Media B2B
I was recently talking to the marketing team at a B2B enterprise company about content marketing. With all the conversation about content marketing ov...
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