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Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

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Online Marketing News: Best Times for Social, Pinterest Shopping Bag, Twitter’s New Dashboard
07/01/2016 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
The Complete Social Media Guide: How and When to Post on Social Media [Infographic] One of the biggest tenants of social marketing is t...
The History of Content Marketing [Updated Infographic]
07/01/2016 Content Marketing Institute
Want insight into where the content marketing industry is headed? Take a look at where it's been with the updated History of Content Marketing infogr...
Why Brexit is great news for U.S. homebuyers
06/30/2016 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
The average rate of a 30-year fixed mortgage dropped to 3.48% -- the lowest level since May 2013, according to Freddie Mac.
Renters: You're paying more for less space
06/30/2016 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
The average size of a rental has shrunk 8% in the last 10 years, according to RentCafe.
How to Turn Undervalued Content into Content Marketing Gold (The Trick is Repurposing)
06/30/2016 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
Have you ever lost hours watching Antiques Roadshow marathons? Or do you lead a substantially more exciting life than I do? I can’t help it; there’s ...
Learn From Struggling Brands: Insights From the Marketing Trenches
06/30/2016 Content Marketing Institute
CMI’s chief strategy officer gives us weekly peeks into the challenges his clients face. He weaves their stories to universal truths to help you trul...
6 Things Brands & Publishers Need to Know About Native Advertising
06/29/2016 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
As brands look to create deeper connections with their audience and publishers search for new ways to generate revenue, native advertising as re-emer...
LinkedIn Purchase Will Spark Brands into Buying Media Companies
06/29/2016 Content Marketing Institute
I said Microsoft would purchase a media company in 2013. The company proved me correct this month with its LinkedIn acquisition. It isn’t the first a...
5 Ways to Get Started in B2B Content Marketing
06/20/2016 Social Media B2B
I was recently talking to the marketing team at a B2B enterprise company about content marketing. With all the conversation about content marketing ov...
Why Microsoft Linked Up with LinkedIn
06/13/2016 by Daniel Gross strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Remember the old adage that who you know matters as much as what you know?
Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP on Coming Together
06/07/2016 by Deborah Bothun and Daniel Gross strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
As the head of WPP Group, which touches every part of the global media business, Sir Martin Sorrell is confronted with the challenge of figuring out w...
India's Triple Play
06/07/2016 by Suvarchala Narayanan strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
The vast media market serving India's billion-plus population falls into three broad groups: infotainment followers on feature phones, digital self-ag...
Home Prices Continue Rising
05/31/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
Charts from this morning’s S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Release. Data available here.
Home Prices Hint at Slow Down
04/26/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
After a long winter of strengthening home prices, the latest S&P/Case-Shiller Report showed some hints of smaller monthly gains. Thirteen of the 20 ci...
Where are Home Prices Headed?
04/25/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
Find out tomorrow… S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices will be released at 9 AM Tuesday April 26th. Since last fall home prices across the country hav...
Report: B2B Social Media Engagement in 17 Industries
04/05/2016 Social Media B2B
There are so many reports, studies, surveys and statistics put out by companies as content to attract prospects that marketers start to question both ...
The Hidden Hangouts of Your Most Passionate B2B Buyers
03/01/2016 Social Media B2B
The best opportunity to grow your B2B business with customer service is to engage with your “onstage haters,” or customers who complain in public foru...
3 Essential (But Often Missed) Elements to Growing Your List
04/24/2015 Chris Garrett on New Media
Why do some people with so-so content seem to easily grow their community, while other much better writers seem to struggle to get a few opt-ins? I be...
Grow Your Authority With Your Geekiness
04/16/2015 Chris Garrett on New Media
How do people really connect and build friendly relationships? What is it that causes people to want to hear from you more than anything else? In mark...
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