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Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

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Content Marketing World Keynote Interview: Stephanie Losee, Visa
07/25/2016 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
The digital world is often a small world. For example, when working with Dell on an influencer content program I met Dell’s Managing Editor at the ti...
How Cleveland Clinic Became One of the Most Visited Health Care Destinations
07/25/2016 Content Marketing Institute
Amanda Todorovich started her content marketing journey at Cleveland Clinic with a three-person team and a vision. Now, it’s one of the most visited ...
Struggling With Social? Call in Your Influencers
07/24/2016 Content Marketing Institute
Influencers can inspire social communities around a brand – but only when those influencers’ personalities authentically match the brand’s persona. L...
This Week in Content Marketing: Compared to Advertising, Content Marketing Still Petite
07/23/2016 Content Marketing Institute
The guys talk what content marketers should consider from Pokemon Go fascination, content marketing in the ad world, Medium’s testing ground for smal...
Party like its 2007
07/22/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
House sales and prices are rising.  Home sales in June were 5.57 million at annual rates, the highest since February 2007 when national home prices pe...
Online Marketing News: Millennial Psychology, Influencer Misconceptions & SEO Issues
07/22/2016 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials [Infographic] Marketing to Millennials can be a unique challenge. The Universit...
Should You or Shouldn’t You: 3 Ways to Tell if Influencer Marketing is Right for Your Brand
07/21/2016 Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®
Reaching and connecting with customers in a meaningful way has become incredibly challenging. There I said it. It’s no wonder with the sheer number o...
Is the End Looming for Razor-and-Blades Pricing?
07/21/2016 by Matt Palmquist strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Companies might want to rethink the storied model of charging less up front to get more down the line -- especially as e-commerce offers consumers eve...
The End of the Affair
07/20/2016 by Michelle Gerdes strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Can a controversial dating site regain trust by rebranding itself?
Keith Olbermann is thrilled he sold his Trump apartment
07/19/2016 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Keith Olbermann has sold his apartment in Trump Palace.
I pay more than half my income in rent
07/19/2016 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Read full story for latest details.
Pondering Snapchat As The Next Place to Be for B2B
07/07/2016 Social Media B2B
I started thinking about this post, or pondering Snapchat for B2B as I said in the headline, about six months ago when I saw an article by Gary Vayner...
TV Ad Dollars Finally Follow Viewers Online
07/07/2016 by Catharine P. Taylor strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Budgets for online video programming are growing, at the expense of television advertising.
5 Ways to Get Started in B2B Content Marketing
06/20/2016 Social Media B2B
I was recently talking to the marketing team at a B2B enterprise company about content marketing. With all the conversation about content marketing ov...
Home Prices Continue Rising
05/31/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
Charts from this morning’s S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Release. Data available here.
Home Prices Hint at Slow Down
04/26/2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices – HousingViews
After a long winter of strengthening home prices, the latest S&P/Case-Shiller Report showed some hints of smaller monthly gains. Thirteen of the 20 ci...
Report: B2B Social Media Engagement in 17 Industries
04/05/2016 Social Media B2B
There are so many reports, studies, surveys and statistics put out by companies as content to attract prospects that marketers start to question both ...
3 Essential (But Often Missed) Elements to Growing Your List
04/24/2015 Chris Garrett on New Media
Why do some people with so-so content seem to easily grow their community, while other much better writers seem to struggle to get a few opt-ins? I be...
Grow Your Authority With Your Geekiness
04/16/2015 Chris Garrett on New Media
How do people really connect and build friendly relationships? What is it that causes people to want to hear from you more than anything else? In mark...
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