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Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

Internet Marketing and Real Estate news from across the Internet.

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The TopRank Marketing Team Gives Thanks
11/26/2015 Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®
Before you dig into the turkey, mashed potatoes and my personal favorite, stuffing, the team at TopRank Marketing would like to take a moment to give...
32 Content Marketing Posts We Are Thankful For
11/26/2015 Content Marketing Institute
We are thankful every day to be part of such an amazing community of content marketers. To express our gratitude, we've shared some of the posts we c...
Digital Marketing Spotlight: John Bell, VP Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers
11/25/2015 Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®
Star light, star bright, which digital marketer is next in our spotlight? Well, it’s John Bell of course, Vice President of Enterprise Digital Market...
Data: The Missing Piece in Your Content Marketing Strategy
11/25/2015 Content Marketing Institute
Optimize your content marketing strategy by setting goals, getting it in front of the right audience, and understanding its impact. To accomplish tha...
Looking at Home Prices
11/24/2015 S&P Dow Jones Indices - HousingViews
Four cities have set new all-time highs for prices, two are more than 20% above their pre-crisis peaks: (click on table or chart for larger image) Hom...
Improve Your B2B Social Media Planning without a Mind Reader
11/24/2015 Social Media B2B
Have you ever wished for a crystal ball so you could gaze deeply into the thoughts and needs of your customers? Sometimes B2B social media can feel li...
How to Get in Front of the Podcasting Trend [Growth Tips and Tools]
11/24/2015 Content Marketing Institute
Could podcasting be the next big thing? With only 3% using podcasts, it’s an underused tactic that should appeal to marketers who target a more educa...
12 Major Brands on Where SEO Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix for 2016
11/24/2015 Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®
Did you know? Google handles 100 billion searches per month and more than half of those are on mobile devices. Did you also know? 15% of Google’s 3.5...
Why Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words
11/24/2015 by Steven Heller strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Illustrations aren't just ornaments for smart articles. They convey meaning.
Google could be your next mortgage broker
11/23/2015 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Google is looking to make it easier for house hunters to find a mortgage.
Not buying a home was my smartest financial move
11/23/2015 Home mortgage rates and real estate news - CNNMoney.com
Read full story for latest details.
How to Suck at B2B Social Media and More Thoughts on Engagement
11/12/2015 Social Media B2B
The B2B chatter of late is around the evolving social media landscape and how to figure out if your engagement strategy is working. Is your focused Fa...
Navigating Retail's Last Mile
11/09/2015 by Tim Laseter, Matt Egol, and Scott Bauer strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
Nearly two decades ago, the first home delivery startups focused on speed at the expense of variety -- they could get you a small selection of goods r...
Best Business Books 2015: Marketing
11/02/2015 by Catharine P. Taylor strategy+business: MARKETING, MEDIA & SALES
This year's smartest marketing books, led by Captivology, wrestle with the ramifications of the maturing digital age, and help us reach a more sophist...
5 B2B Social Media Hacks to Increase Click Through Rates
10/28/2015 Social Media B2B
The digital, social and mobile revolution has changed the world we live in. And not just our world, but that of our prospects as well. There are now 2...
Home Prices Are Rising Faster Than You Think
10/19/2015 S&P Dow Jones Indices - HousingViews
Prices of existing single family homes, as measured by the S&P/Case-Shiller National Home Price index, are rising is single digit terms.  However, the...
U.S. Weekly Economic Roundup: What’s The Rush?
08/24/2015 S&P Dow Jones Indices - HousingViews
The September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting is shaping up to be a real cliffhanger. The minutes of July’s meeting didn’t give a clear s...
3 Essential (But Often Missed) Elements to Growing Your List
04/24/2015 Chris Garrett on New Media
Why do some people with so-so content seem to easily grow their community, while other much better writers seem to struggle to get a few opt-ins? I be...
Grow Your Authority With Your Geekiness
04/16/2015 Chris Garrett on New Media
How do people really connect and build friendly relationships? What is it that causes people to want to hear from you more than anything else? In mark...
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